WPI nytt 11 september 2011: forskningsdata er forsvunnet fra WPI

Several laboratory notebooks, a personal computer and flash drives containing WPI research data and other information disappeared from WPI’s research offices, on or near, September 29, 2011.  These valuable materials represent the hard work and sacrifice of many people and were paid for by WPI.  Your donations were part of the financial resources that supported this research.

Anette Whittemore, grunnlegger og president for WPI

We have waited until now to tell you this news in hopes that the individual or individuals responsible for this loss would realize the gravity of the situation and return WPI’s property in a timely manner. WPI has previously sent a demand letter to the one person responsible for, and with access to, these locked materials and various electronic files.  Despite this request, our valuable materials have still not been returned.

Because of the lack of response, WPI has been forced to take legal action demanding the return of our property and has reported the incident to the police and other authorities.  WPI received notice this week that a temporary restraining order has been granted to keep our materials from being altered or destroyed, and requiring they be delivered to WPI immediately.  We hope that this matter is quickly resolved and that further costly litigation is avoided.

Dette og mer er å lese på Anette Whittemore’s blogg «Wings of Hope»


Kom: Det må vel sies at det har vært meget stille fra WPI de siste månedene, iallefall når det gjelder fortløpende oppdatering fra facebooksiden deres. Ut i fra disse nyhetene er det mye som tyder på at de har flere problemer å håndere i tillegg til å ha full drift på den nye pasient-klinikken. At forskningsdata kommer på avveie er meget uheldig.

Anette Whittemore ble intervjuet av Nevada Newsmakers 26 oktober 2011 og dette opptaket kan du se her

Det har også blitt lagt ut ett nyhetsbrev (26 oktober 2011) om diverse nyheter fra WPI som du kan lese her

Nettsiden til WPI – The Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease finner du fremdeles her



8 kommentarer om “WPI nytt 11 september 2011: forskningsdata er forsvunnet fra WPI

  1. Elisabeth Roseng

    Response letter sent to WPI on November 4, 2011 by Judy Mikovits
    by Lilly Meehan on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 1:36am

    The following letter was emailed from my computer at my house in my presence at noon on Friday, November 4. It was also hard copy faxed from my fax line at my office at the same time to the lawyer. I personally witnessed this transaction. I am beyond outraged at the shameful accusations thinly veiled by Annette Whittemore in her letter today. Patients need to know that letter titled «Our Responsibility» is full of lies.

    I was also present at Dr. Mikovits home on Friday, September 30 at approximately 11:30 am moments after she returned from Reno, having driven all night. I personally saw the empty rental car driven by Dr. Mikovits from Reno to California that did not contain any of the materials alleged in the the letter from Annette Whittemore. The allegations in her letter are astonishing to me. Dr. Mikovits was fired by phone while she was standing on the sidewalk outside her Reno home. She never returned to the WPI. The firing took place at approximately 4:30pm and the lab was locked down by approximately 6:30 pm. Due to the activity of moving out of the Reno home, Dr. Mikovits had no opportunity to return to the WPI at any time. There are ample dated, time stamped receipts documenting and proving her whereabouts from the time of the firing to the time of her arrival in California. At no time did she ever return to the WPI facility.

    It is impossible for her to have stolen the items alleged in the «Our Responsibility» letter.
    I am prepared to testify in court to the events I personally witnessed. Patients need to know that Dr. Mikovits remains fully committed to the well being of the patients. She has always conducted herself with the utmost of integrity. Patients need to ask themselves who had the motive to remove and destroy the notebooks. Who had a motive to remove incriminating evidence? Who stood to lose with the revelation of misappropriation of funds and materials? It was not Dr. Mikovits.

    Lilly Meehan, Ventura, California permission to repost
    11303 State Hwy 78 • GIVENS HOT SPRINGS, ID 83641
    •Phone (208) 495-2198• Fax Please call first• ISB#3830
    E-mail owyheewinds@yahoo.com
    Lois W. Hart
    November 4, 2011
    Stafford Matthews
    1530 Page Mill Road
    Ste. 200
    Palo Alto, CA 94304-1125

    Re: Your letter to Judy Mikovits, Dated November 2, 2011
    Dear Mr. Matthews,
    My client, Judy Mikovits, and I have reviewed the demand letter your office delivered to her via email and FEDEX, November 3rd.

    This is written in response to your statements made in this letter on behalf of your client. All of the allegations of theft, misappropriations, withholding of data and various intellectual property, and items, are incorrect, and untruthful.

    Your client’s allegations that Dr Judy Mikovits has wrongfully taken and retained laboratory notebooks and other intellectual property owned by the Whittemore Peterson Institute, are not true.

    Dr. Mikovits routinely locked the lab notebooks in a drawer in her desk, whenever she left the lab, as they contain confidential patient information. The keys to her desk were always in a placed in a convenient location easily accessible for her lab assistants. Dr. Mikovits habit was to leave them either in the lab, in one of the unlocked drawers under the lab benches that are underneath the lab windows. Otherwise, the keys were in the unlocked top drawer of her desk. Dr. Mikovits’ assistants always have access to their lab books and anything else they needed at any time.

    Dr. Mikovits had worked for several days, including the prior weekend, outside of the country, presenting talks and representing WPI at meetings and conferences. She worked through the week until Thursday, September 29, 2011. Dr. Mikovits left her lab and the WPI building on September 29, at 3:30 p.m. after she had secured the notebooks in her desk. She informed her research associate she would be gone the next and the weekend, and placed keys to her office and the desk as was her habit, in the lab, so that appropriate lab members could access her materials at all times.

    While waiting for a research associate to pick her up so she could pick up her car rental to drive home in, Dr. Mikovits was outside of her residence on Sierra St in Reno, she received a call from Annette Whittemore. Mrs. Whittemore made an unreasonable and unethical demand that Dr. Mikovits give Dr. Lombardi a cell line paid for by her R01 NIH grant funding. Dr. Mikovits explained to Mrs. Whittemore that she could not allow that to happen, as she was constrained by her obligations, ethics, integrity and lawful obligations as a Principal Investigator. Mrs. Whittemore then screamed at Dr. Mikovits that (explicative deleted) she was fired.

    November 4, 2011
    Page 2
    Dr. Mikovits never returned to the lab or her office after being informed she was terminated. Dr. Mikovits was not and is not in possession of the lab notebooks or any WPI intellectual property. A number of individuals have keys to the office and lab, including the administrative staff, lab staff and custodial. Your client’s concern as to the location of those notebooks, and intellectual property, should be directed elsewhere.

    Dr. Mikovits brought her thirty-year reputation of honesty, integrity, and laboratory research skills to WPI. This was to the direct benefit not only of the sufferers of ME/CFS, but WPI as an institute. Dr. Mikovits is the Principal Investigator (PI) on multiple government research grants, and those notebooks contain important non-proprietary information that was obtained in the course of said government-funded projects. The original data (gel photographs, charts, etc.) in the notebooks is important backup information for published papers and is needed for completion of publications funded by NIH, DOD and several corporate contactors.

    Data already published in scientific journals certainly does not constitute proprietary information. Dr. Mikovits’ notebooks, as well as those of the employees whom she supervised, should be returned to Dr. Mikovits so she can fulfill her responsibilities as PI on these government grants and corporate contacts, as there is an expectation on the part of the granting agencies that the results from government-funded research will be disseminated to the scientific community and to the public. Other than private medical information that is not to be disclosed to individuals who are not authorized by an approved IRB protocol, there is no “confidential, proprietary, and trade secret information” in the notebooks. Instead, there is important data that should be published to advance the field of neuroimmune disease. Failure of WPI to make these notebooks and raw data available to Dr. Mikovits so that she can fulfill her obligations and defend against false accusations of fraud will constitute serious harm to her reputation and scientific career.

    Dr. Mikovits has attracted a number of high quality scientific collaborators for the WPI and for the ME/CFS field. Her reputation for scientific excellence undoubtedly was an integral factor in the formation of these collaborations and in her being awarded a number of government grants as PI.

    Contrary to the statements you have made in the demand letter, Dr. Mikovits’ actions after being terminated have are not inappropriate and unethical. Unfortunately, those phrases could be used to describe the sudden wrongful termination of an individual whose direct efforts, and her well-deserved and hard-earned reputation for honesty and integrity, brought in over $3,000,000.00 for research at WPI. Moreover, Dr. Mikovits brought worldwide recognition and awareness of WPI and the victims of a devastating disease, ME/CFS, which continues to change the outlook and scientific research around the world. In particular, it is inappropriate and unethical for the WPI to prevent Dr. Mikovits from transferring to another institution the grants she obtained as PI, making it impossible for her complete the projects. This is especially so, in light of recent public statements that Mrs. Whittemore has made that WPI is no longer pursing such research at WPI.

    One of many examples of Dr. Mikovits’ work and integrity in giving ME/CFS and WPI credibility is that recently a Health Minister in Norway publicly apologized to victims of ME/CFS for not taking the disease seriously, and not treating them properly as they deserved. This resulted because of Dr. Mikovits’ presentations and one on one talks with many doctors and authorities there last December.

    Dr. Mikovits has performed all of her obligations, duties, correctly, fully, legally, ethically and with total focus on the WPI mission even after sudden termination by honoring her commitment to present WPI’s work in UK and Ireland October 7-16th, in spite of not being paid by the WPI, while the patients

    November 4, 2011
    Page 3
    fully supported her travel costs. Dr. Mikovits gave herself over fully to this mission, donating not only her time, but also in giving back portions of her own earnings to WPI.

    Dr. Mikovits cannot sign the Termination Agreement because she is not in possession of her notebooks, flash drives, nor her laptop computer, which were taken when her office and lab was in control of the WPI.
    Dr. Mikovits is not intimidated by threats of lawsuit; rather she respectfully requests that the WPI honor all of its contractual and intellectual obligations to her as she has faithfully honored hers.
    Lois W. Hart

  2. Elisabeth Roseng

    En venn av Judy Mikovitz fortalte meg følgende tidligere i dag om mannen til A. Whittemore;
    «He is a major lobbyist, lawyer, land developer, well known in Nevada, perhaps has judges in his pocket, certainly has Harry Reid, he is a scary guy». Håper sannheten kommer frem i denne saken….. Min støtte er hos Judy….

  3. Heia Elisabeth 😀

    Tusen takk for en omfattende kommentar med mye ny info. Som du kanskje legger merke til var jeg inne å redigerte litt i kommentaren med å lage flere avsnitt slik at det blir enklere å lese 😉

    Ja jeg ville heller ikke insuere at Dr Judy var innblandet i dette, men tenker vel at det ligger vel på hennes bevisføring og vise seg uskyldig.

    Kanskje tragisk å si det sånn, men det var da meget upopulært i ME-miljøet at Judy måtte forlate WPI på en slik måte, så tja hvem vet hvem som sympatiserer?

    Ja det foregår litt av hvert skjønner vi 😕

    😉 uansett så håper vi nu at Judy fortsetter forskningen, alle svar ligger ikke akkurat på bordet med hensyn til retrovirus….

  4. Elisabeth

    Den som lever får se – forhåpentligvis 🙂
    Et annet spm – hvordan i alle dager har jeg fått den stygge avataren – og hvordan kan jeg skifte den? (forfengeligheten lenge leve hehe) 😉

    1. 😀 ja de avatarene skulle liksom være «snille», men joda det kommer jo opp noen tja merkelige saker.

      Noen har gravatar – som min eller som du ser bilder på personer.

      hihi-kanskje æ får endre avatarinnstillingene på bloggen – se hva som skjer… for har jo ikke peiling….


    2. Hei Elisabeth 🙂
      Jeg «bryter» inn her med et lite tips, den avataren så ikke hyggelig ut nei og jeg har selv gått lei av å få alt mulig sånn når jeg kommenterer rundt omkring i blogger så jeg registrerte meg hos http://www.gravatar.com og la et personlig profilbilde på den meiladressen jeg bruker i bloggkommentarer og det fungerer stort sett overallt slik at da slipper jeg sånne upassende avatarer.

  5. CAT!!! Må jo ha litt humor i hverdagen jo :mrgreen:

    Takker for linken til gravataren…. det e greit å ha egen gravatar sånn for å si det…

    nu har æ endra innstillingen til monsterfigurer – egnet for alle…

    så får me sjå da 😆

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